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2011 Book Festival Author
Jill Sisson Quinn

Author Biography

"When I was a child, my mother would purchase a Little Golden Book at the grocery store for a quarter each week.  I can remember her reading to me, from one of them, Robert Frost’s 'The Pasture,' which, at the end of each of its two brief stanzas, invites the reader to come to a pasture spring.  My mother used to ask me, 'What does the water feel like?'  Sometimes I gave ridiculous answers.  'Like broccoli!' I would say, and giggle.  But I also remember actually feeling the cool, ankle-deep water around my legs as I listened to the smooth, iambic rhythm of each line of the poem.

We had a creek, too, that I spent a lot of time playing in.  A half-mile walk through woods, a cornfield, and woods again brought my sisters and I to the rocky ravine through which the creek—which we called a crick—meandered.  We spent many an afternoon crossing that crick—either wading or using a fallen log as a combination balance-beam-bridge.  The sound of words and water filled my childhood, and, I believe, are what drew me to the vocation of writing about nature."

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