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2011 Book Festival Author
Todd Boss

Author Biography

Todd Boss grew up on an 80-acre cattle farm in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley. His musical, playful, intimate poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, the London Times, and on NPR. In 2006, he wrote a love poem called "The Hush of the Very Good" that was named one of the greatest love poems ever published by the editors of Poetry magazine, and soon thereafter he'd released his debut collection, Yellowrocket, with one of America's finest publishers, W. W. Norton & Company.
Todd writes about his wife and children, his Wisconsin roots, his thoughts about God, and his everyday life. His poems are accessible and often humorous.
About growing up in rural Wisconsin, Todd writes: "On a farm, surrounded by miracle, atheism seems a dullard’s response to the world. One associates no glamour with the idea of hard work. One brooks no romances about living off the land. One sees through the broadcast meteorologist as if he too were green screen. It’s more than an acquaintance one develops with the natural world; it’s more like a biorhythm."
Asked about the intimacy of his poems, Todd writes: "I like to think I am dangerously honest with myself; actually, I need to think that in order to feel that my poetry is worthwhile. If I’m not squirming a little with the truth of my poems, I can’t expect readers to. And what good is art that doesn’t inspire a good squirm or two?"

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