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2014 Book Festival Author
Abby Frucht

Abby Frucht's new collection of stories, The Bell at the End of a Rope, was published a year and a half ago by Narrative Library. She is the author of five novels including SNAP, Licorice, Are You Mine?, Life Before Death, and Polly's Ghost. Her earlier collection of stories, Fruit of the Month, which won the Iowa Short Fiction Prize in 1987, is now available in ebook form along with Abby's other books as part of Dzanc Books' rEprint series. A recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, a New Voices Award from Quality Paperback Book Club, several grants from the Ohio Arts Council, and the Kay W. Levin Short Non-Fiction award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers, Frucht has reviewed both fiction and nonfiction nationwide.

Frucht's personal essays have been anthologized in Best of the Web, For Keeps, He Said What?!, and Winter Tales. She lives in Wisconsin but for twenty years has travelled regularly to Vermont, where she teaches at the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing Program.

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