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2014 Book Festival Author
Nicholas Hoffman

Nicholas J. Hoffman is Chief Curator at the History Museum at the Castle in Appleton, Wisconsin. He has written articles for the Journal of American History, Voyageur Magazine, and Wisconsin Magazine of History. His lifelong interest in Midwest history inspired him to complete a master's in history from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Hoffman co-authored Wheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State with Jesse J. Grant. Wheel Fever, which was meticulously researched, traces the history of bicycling enthusiasm in the state, beginning with the "velocipede craze" of 1869 and moving on into the 20th century. The book not only looks at this piece of Wisconsin's history, but it also explores why the origins of bicycling in Wisconsin still matter today.

Hoffman is a native of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, and also an avid cyclist. He enjoys exploring Wisconsin's landscape on two wheels whenever he has the opportunity.

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