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2014 Book Festival Author
Shawn Sheehy

Shawn Sheehy is a pop-up book artist whose work is a unique blending of image, message, and structure. He combines paper engineering with his interest in biology and cultural evolution to produce limited-edition pop-up books. His artist books are inspired by the dynamic ecologies that operate in both wild and cultured environments. Counting on the Marsh: a Nighttime Book of Numbers, for example, is a book with a marsh environment for its setting, contains intricately constructed pop-ups, and uses the simple text of a counting story -- all to create a work of art and science.

Sheehy explains the advantages of the art book medium on his website: "Pop-ups exploit the expressive potential of a book's structure. They provide the sculptor the opportunity to create 3D form and they provide the engineer the challenge of bringing those forms to life."

In addition to his own art work, Sheehy teaches paper engineering workshops at various venues across the country. His commercial clients include American Girl Company, Vintage Magazine, and American Greetings. He is currently at work on his first trade pop-up book.

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