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2014 Book Festival Author
Tall Poppy Writers

The Tall Poppy Writers (TPW) is a community of women writers dedicated to uniting smart readers and smart authors.

By sharing information and supporting one another's work, we strive to stand out in the ever-changing literary marketplace. Our partnership is based on the theory that if a poppy is left to grow—as opposed to being cut down—other poppies in the field will rise and reach for the ample sun where everybody gets a voice and everybody gets to grow.

Members of the Tall Poppy Writers are Erin Celello, Ann Garvin, Kelly Harms, and Susan Gloss. Their program will focus on crafting and publishing women's fiction.

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Left to right: Erin Celello, Ann Garvin, Kelly Harms, Susan Gloss

Thank You

Atlas Coffee Mill

Big thanks go to Atlas Coffee Mill for hosting monthly meetings for the Fox Cities Book Festival Board! We appreciate your support of the Festival and just can't thank you enough for providing a welcoming meeting space for us to plan and dream.