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2014 Book Festival Author

Torbjörn Lahti is trained as an urban planner, and over the past thirty years has worked locally and globally in sustainable development. Initiator and former coordinator of Sweden’s national association of eco-municipalities (Sekom), he is author of the soon-to-be released book, My Journey with the Ecomunicipalities: How to Change the World through Local Action (Campus REDesign, 2012). Torbjörn also authored the theory booklet “Grounding the vision: The Eco-Municipality Education Guide” and co-authored with Sarah James The Natural Step for Communities - How Cities and Towns can Change to Sustainable Practices (New Society Publishers, 2004).

Today, Torbjörn works as a co-director of the Institute for Ecomunicipality Education & Assistance (IEMEA) and as the Founder and President of the Sustainable Sweden Association (SUS). He is the founder and partner of the environmental consulting firm and SUS member, Esam, Inc., based in Umeå. For more than a decade, SUS has conducted "Sustainable Sweden Tours" where visitors from around the world have immersed themselves in the Swedish eco-municipalities, and had opportunity to learn first-hand about the concept in practice. Expanding on Sweden’s eco-municipality outreach, Torbjörn is now engaged in building up a web-based global eco-municipalities capacity center called Ecomuna.

Torbjörn’s work with eco-municipalities has received international recognition and awards. He has worked extensively with the USA, Canada, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Chile, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Russia. Between 2001 and 2007, he developed an advanced approach to sustainable community development called "Eco-Municipality 5.0". This model is now being introduced in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Italy, Chile and the USA.

Torbjörn is married to Mona, and currently lives in Umeå, Sweden. Together Mona and Torbjörn have three children, Andreas (b.-79), Johan (b.-82) and Sara (b-90).

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