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April Henry

April Henry has a long list of books to her credit. Since her first book, Circles of Confusion, was published in 1999, she has received praise for her intelligent, fast-paced, cleverly plotted mysteries and thrillers. In addition to fiction for adults, Henry has published many books in the young adult (YA) thriller category, including Girl, Stolen, a book that she based on an actual case of kidnapping. Later, Henry was able to meet the kidnapped girl she had read about. 

Among her other YA thrillers are: Shock Point, Torched, and, most recently, The Body in the Woods. Her work is noted for dealing with sophisticated themes and not talking down to the audience. Booklist has called her "a leading light in YA mystery."

In addition to writing on her own, Henry has partnered with Lis Wiehl to write the Triple Threat Mystery series. The first book in the series, Face of Betrayal, was on the New York Times best-seller list for four weeks.

At the Fox Cities Book Festival, Henry will give a presentation entitled, "A Knife to the Throat: True Stories about How a Mystery Writer Researches and Writes Her Stories." She says she doesn’t have trouble inventing new mysteries, but the set pieces can be challenging to keep fresh. “For example, I have written probably a half dozen funeral scenes,” she explains. “It gets hard to think of a way to do it that isn’t a repeat of what I’ve done before.”

Being the prolific writer that she is, Henry says she has a new mystery that will be on its way to book shelves soon. “I just turned in The Girl I Used to Be, about a girl who grew up thinking her mom killed her dad, but then learns that both her parents were killed by an unknown assailant who chose to spare her life because she was too young to remember. She tries to find the real killer. And I just started the sequel to one of my best-selling books, Girl, Stolen.

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