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2015 Book Festival Author
A.T. Haessly

Anthony Haessly has been intrigued by stories of the Apocalypse for many years. He has woven this interest into his novel, The Beginning of War (2014). Here the author takes elements of the myth and sculpts a modern interpretation filled with revenge and adventure. “My interest in the plot, and my entire series, came to me through both religious and entertainment mediums,” says Haessly.

Haessly lives in the Fox Valley area and says the book took about a year to write, but he’s already close to finished with revisions on his second book. Conquest of Gods involves the first Horseman and his rise to power.

“He is from ancient Rome and is tasked with handling gods that have betrayed the Maker and balance,” Haessly explains. “The third book pertaining to Famine has also been started. And there will be plenty more to come.”

Author photo by Amanda Lea Photography

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