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2015 Book Festival Author
Lisa Klarner

Lisa Klarner has bravely taken her experiences with social anxiety and written a book that offers hope and strategies for others living with shyness or social anxiety disorder (SAD). In Releasing the Secret Pain: Moving Beyond Social Anxiety Disorder, Klarner describes her life as the disorder progressed and outlines the steps she took to make her life better.

By sharing her experiences, she hopes to help others break free from fears and inhibitions in order to build more successful and happy lives.

At the festival, Klarner will present a session called "Helping Anxious Kids." She says she noticed more adults searching for real-life explanations to better understand anxious children. “The number of kids with anxiety disorders continues to increase, and adults are looking for resources so they positively influence the anxious kids in their lives,” explains Klarner.

Klarner appreciates the responses she gets from readers and audiences. “Considering my main goal is to help people, it feels great when someone contacts me to share ways in which my presentations, blog posts and/or book have helped to minimize anxiety."

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