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Lorna Landvik

Author and entertainer Lorna Landvik tends to see the lighter side of life. And through her writing, she shows a unique talent for helping others laugh, too.

Among her books are Patty Jane’s House of Curl, Your Oasis on Flame Lake, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, Mayor of the Universe, and most recently, Best to Laugh.

At the Fox Cities Book Festival, Landvik plans on discussing Best to Laugh, whose heroine goes through similar experiences as the author did while performing stand-up comedy in Hollywood.

“I'll also speak about Mayor of the Universe and how I came to write about a mild-mannered actuary whose life changes when he meets a crazy group of aliens,” Landvik says. “But whenever I speak about one book, it always leads to talking about another, which leads to talking about life, which leads to talking about everything.”

Where does she come up with all this hilarity? “Life inspires my characters. I'm awed/mystified/befuddled and everything in between by the human race and why we're all here. Maybe that's why I write—I'm trying to make sense of it all. I usually don't base characters (at least consciously) on any living characters. Although in my current book, I wanted to honor the many wild characters I'd met in Hollywood so I did create a couple composite characters of real people.”

There’s more on the way from this prolific humorist. “My computer's 'Documents' file is full of projects I'm working on! My challenge now is settling down and finishing one of them. I'm usually hush-hush about what I'm working on, but I'll throw out this hint: one project might be a sequel to an earlier book of mine.”

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