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Mary Kubica

Mary Kubica, author of The Good Girl and Pretty Baby, enjoys the challenge of keeping readers hooked on her suspenseful stories. Just like the reader, she says she enjoys the experience of discovering the twists and revelations that make the stories so gripping. She says she’ll be discussing her debut as a novelist at the Fox Cities Book Festival, as well as her journey to publication in her career as a suspense author.

“I am so honored to be attending the Fox Cities Book Festival this year,” Kubica says. “I can’t wait to meet fellow authors and readers throughout the Fox Cities area and get the opportunity to share my experiences with them.”

After her first novel became successful, Kubica charged ahead with novel number two. "Pretty Baby was quite a different experience than The Good Girl for me for many reasons,” says Kubica.

“First, I had a deadline, and I had never written with a deadline before. Second, I needed to have a proposal approved, and was working on edits for The Good Girl while simultaneously writing Pretty Baby — so I quickly learned the value of multitasking. That said, I learned a lot about myself and about storytelling while working on The Good Girl. This benefited me immensely on my second novel and will continue to benefit me for future works as well."

"I wrote The Good Girl in secret, and sent if off to agents without a single friend or family member checking for typos," Kubica continues. "With Pretty Baby, on the other hand, I had a tremendous support network of friends, family, a devoted agent and a brilliant editor. Pretty Baby came together quite smoothly, though my third novel is now giving me great grief. I don’t think novels get easier or harder along the way; I believe they are all their own independent (and sometimes very stubborn) beings.”

Kubica holds a BA degree in History and American Literature from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and says she can’t see herself writing anything other than mystery and suspense novels. She’s just signed a new contract with Harlequin MIRA for her third and fourth novels.

“My third book is in the early stages of edits, while I’ve begun to brainstorm ideas for my fourth. I’m also very fortunate to be traveling to quite a few conferences this spring to meet and get to know eager, enthusiastic writers and readers — and come July will be traveling to promote Pretty Baby. It’s really amazing to be able to live my dream.”

Kubica lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two children and enjoys photography, gardening, and caring for the animals at a local shelter.

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