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2015 Book Festival Author
Michael Leannah

Michael Leannah grew up in Marinette, within walking distance of the well-known Lauerman Brothers Department Store. So when he wrote his nonfiction book, Something for Everyone: Memories of Lauerman Brothers Department Store, Leannah knew what a special place it was.

Something for Everyone traces the hundred-year history of the Lauerman enterprise and its importance to the community of Marinette and dozens of counties in northern Wisconsin and the UP.

In his book, Leannah brings the store to life by describing its most memorable features, from the range of merchandise offered to the record-listening booths to the famous frosted malt cones.

He also uses recollections from former customers and employees to form a unique portrait of family, business, and community. Something for Everyone will encourage readers to recall their own favorite shopping destinations during the golden age of department stores.

Leannah has had a long career in the public schools of Milwaukee and Sheboygan. His stories for children have been published in magazines in the United States and in Australia; his radio plays have won national awards and have been performed in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. In 2007, he edited Well! Reflections on the Life and Career of Jack Benny.

Leannah lives with his family in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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