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2015 Book Festival Author
Patricia Skalka

The mystery novel Death Stalks Door County marks the fiction debut of award-winning Chicago writer Patricia Skalka. A lifelong reader and writer, she turned to fiction following a successful career as a nonfiction writer. 

Skalka says she’s looking forward to greeting fans at the Fox Cities Book Festival. “My presentation will focus on my debut novel, Death Stalks Door County, and my transition from a nonfiction writer to a mystery author,” says Skalka. “I’ll read one or two selections from the book, discuss the event that sparked the idea, and explain how the plot for the book grew from there.”

The mysteries Skalka dreams up for Door County will not be contained to just one book. “Growing up, I spent many summer months on my grandmother’s farm in central Wisconsin. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I discovered Door County. The idea for writing a mystery set on the peninsula came to me on one of my early visits and was reinforced each time I returned over the course of several years.

When I finally started writing the story, I fully intended the book to be a stand-alone mystery. But as I worked on the novel, additional story lines cropped up, and by time I finished my initial draft I was so attached to my characters that I knew one book wouldn’t suffice.

Today, I envision a series of six books that will trace the protagonist and his Door County friends and companions through a period of nearly two decades. Death at Gills Rock, the second book in the Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery series, will be published in June 2015. Currently, I’m working on book three in the series.”

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