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2015 Book Festival Author
Steve Hazell

Steve Hazell felt compelled to reflect on his friend’s life, along with his own civic and artistic accomplishments in his book, The Kindred Path. The book follows Hazell’s life in the folk music scene in the Fox Cities, his participation in the 2011 demonstrations in Madison, and his friend, Bob Weitzel’s adventure on Lake Superior, which was tragically cut short.

Hazell seems to have embraced the role of author and recounts how the process required a range of intellectual efforts. “I imagine it’s very common for authors to assume different identities as they go through the stages of writing a book. Before I started writing I felt like an explorer, sifting through the sources I’d gathered over the years for threads I needed to follow, digging up old photographs and articles, and searching for new information and verifying things on the Internet."

He continues, "Once I started writing in earnest, I felt like a keyboard player, with each chapter being 'played' on a different perspective. I orchestrated the different parts into a coherent piece. Finally, when I was finished, I felt like a baker. I’d taken separate parts, mixed them together, and was ready to share my finished creation with the world. I am very proud of the finished book.”

Hazell’s wife, Vivian, served as his editor for The Kindred Path. “I have respect for her ability and am very comfortable taking her advice. She has helped with the many things I’ve written, so it felt totally natural to have her give input on the book."

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