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Steven Brust

Prolific author Steven Brust is clearly comfortable working within the literary environment of fantastical, deeply layered stories involving an immense range of characters. He began writing novels with Jhereg, published in 1983, and hasn't stopped writing since.

Last year's release of The Incrementalists takes readers down a slightly more recognizable rabbit hole, with a dizzying mixture of secret societies, murder, and immortality. It's also set in Las Vegas, the author's city of residence.

Brust has written two series of novels set in the world of Dragaera, plus other novels and short stories. One would think his fingers have not left the keyboard since the early 1980s. "First of all, I wouldn't call it work, I'd call it play--after all, I'm telling myself a story, right?" explains Brust. "I like the stories I tell. It turns out that I'm the perfect audience for them."

Brust was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and worked as a computer programmer and musician before he began his extensive writing career.

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