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2015 Book Festival Author
Susan Dolan

It’s the subject most people love to avoid. Whether it’s planning one’s parents’ care or making one’s own arrangements, the very idea of planning what should be done at the end of life can seem so intimidating.

This is where Susan Dolan, a registered nurse and an attorney steps in. She serves as a healthcare consultant and an end-of-life advisor. Dolan co-authored the award-winning book, The End-of-Life Advisor: Personal, Legal and Medical Considerations for a Peaceful, Dignified Death.

At the Fox Cities Book Festival, Dolan will speak about getting the conversations about end-of-life wishes going at the right time. “The presentation is intended to benefit patients, loved ones, caregivers, healthcare professionals, lawyers, healthcare consumers and students,” explains Dolan. “I will deliver a message of reassurance and hope using real-life stories and practical step-by-step guidance to dramatically improve the quality of end-of-life for everyone involved.”

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