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2015 Book Festival Author
Travis Dewitz

Professional photographer Travis Dewitz is known for his corporate, portrait, and youth modeling photography as well as his personal photography projects. One such personal project has resulted in the book Blaze Orange: Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin (2014).

In describing this work, Dewitz explained, “Wisconsin deer hunting runs deep with heritage for many Wisconsinites as the deer season here has an almost cult like following. This is what I am trying to capture and share with the readers."

Blaze Orange has received impressive reviews and has been praised for its vivid storytelling imagery. Jeff Davis, editor of Whitetails Unlimited Magazine, stated, “Travis Dewitz presents the deer hunt in a way that is unvarnished and yet poetic, graceful, and subtle."

Dewitz describes his photography as conceptual, emotive, and expressive. And, no matter the subject, he works “diligently to capture a moment, where the picture says it all."

Dewitz is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His work has appeared in such publications as National Geographic, Trains Magazine, Vogue Italia, and Child Model Magazine. His photography has been honored with multiple awards and displayed in galleries in Wisconsin and California.

Photo credit: image from artist's website

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