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2015 Book Festival Author
Victor Schueller

Coach, speaker, and author, Victor Schueller wears a lot of hats. He admits that he grew tired of the drama-filled environment that made up his workplace and set out to teach others about another way to find a happy life. With two books under his belt, a radio show, a blog, and coaching service, Schueller is equipped to help people find solutions for the communication problems in their work places and homes.

At the Fox Cities Book Festival Schueller will share strategies from his self-published book, You Can Rise Above Criticism, Negativity and Conflict, that will help people ask for things in a way that will change behaviors in others for the better. “During my presentation I will be sharing strategies from my book that you can use to 'listen through' the negativity and criticism and reach a resolution to any communication problem, no matter how large or small,” explains Schueller.

Bringing the message to the people is what Schueller says he likes most about the work of writing books. “It's a lot of fun to take what I've learned and share it with other people. The books are a great vehicle for spreading a message that gives people confidence and hope. It's kind of amusing to me when people act like writing a book is a major deal. I believe that everyone has a book in them, and it's never been easier to get a book in print as it is now."

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