2016 Book Festival Author

Chris Czarnik is a national career search expert with 12 years of training and motivational speaking experience. He created and refined the innovative approach to job search, known as “The Human Search Engine®” by working with thousands of job-seekers.

Chris is a leading adjunct career search instructor for the 5th largest research university in the nation, as well as many colleges and universities across the country. Chris' process was introduced to the 113th Congress as a national job search model. He currently works with Workforce Development centers across the nation to reform the way people find a job.

Chris delivers dynamic presentations about career search, leadership and sales training to thousands of people every year. His second book, “Human Search Engine® for Career Search: A Serious Jobseeker’s Guide” was released in January 2015. He currently offers a certification program for career counselors, with many more products in development.

Thank You

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