2016 Book Festival Author

Living with an incurable, extremely rare and progressively debilitating muscle disease is not something that anyone should ever experience in their life. It is definitely not a character builder. I've found it to be highly imposing, quietly relentless, considerably disruptive and emotionally challenging. Yet, I feel I'm being incredibly blessed, by the grace of God, to fully experience and actively pursue what I clearly recognize as a divinely-inspired journey. This began with the divine inspiration I received that early morning in late July of 2013. It has been very clear for quite some time that this is all much bigger than me. I honestly feel as driven today as I did when I first started writing You Must Answer This. My new book I Promise I'll Pay Attention also began with a divine inspiration. This is an issues-based book in contrast to my first book which is stories-based. Like the first, it also needed to be told and shared with others. I'm very confident readers will find this book will provide some invaluable insight they'll be able to incorporate into the living of their own lives. 

Thank You

Atlas Coffee Mill

Big thanks go to Atlas Coffee Mill for hosting monthly meetings for the Fox Cities Book Festival Board! We appreciate your support of the Festival and just can't thank you enough for providing a welcoming meeting space for us to plan and dream.