Fox Cities Book Festival 2017: October 9th - October 15th

Liz Czukas – Her event has been cancelled

Young Adult

Liz Czukas is the author of fun, funny, and a little bit romantic books for teens, like Ask Again Later, Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless, and Throwing My Life Away. And as her not-at-all-secret pen name Ellie Cahill, she is the author of When Joss Met Matt, Call Me Maybe, Just a Girl, and I (Temporarily) Do. Liz’s books are often compared to John Hughes movies, while Ellie usually gets compared to Nora Ephron. Either way, if you like a good 80s rom-com, you’ve found the right place. When she’s not writing fun, funny romances full of shenanigans and awkward kisses, Liz is at home with her family and a golden retriever with different ideas about the definition of “dog bed.”

You’ll find Liz in lots of social media places. On Sunday, you’ll find her parked in front of the TV getting her fill of Zombies, Westeros, The Doctor, or any other place where cute English guys fight evil.

Speed round: sweet tea, Hufflepuff, dark chocolate, cheese is the perfect food, Go Badgers, and Han shot first