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Celebrate your Saturday with Book Festival author events! So much is happening today that we can't fit it all in one posting. In addition to Poetry Saturday and the Mini Comic-Con, there will be talk of dogs and plastic bags, mysteries and bingo, ghosts and children's adventures, and more, more, more! Did we mention the sing-along?

So check out the Saturday Schedule Page for complete details.

Who's in town? Here's the list: Will Schwalbe, Douglas Beye Lorie, Ann Garvin, Patricia Skalka, Jericho Brown, A.T. Haessly, Miranda Paul & Isatou Ceesay, Kimberly Blaeser, Vivian Probst, Mike Hoeft, Susan Gloss, John Jackson Miller, the Poets Among Us, Wendy McClure & Wendy Wimmer, Michael Leannah, Zach Wilson, Brian Defferding, and Steve Hazell.

See you there!

Get your poetry fix on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Atlas Coffee Mill. Acclaimed poets will be giving readings, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Who's talking when?

  • 10:30 — Jericho Brown
  • Noon — Kimberly Blaeser, Wisconsin Poet Laureate
  • 1:30 — Poets Among Us, featuring Cathryn Cofell, Bill Gillard, and Megan Gannon

Don't miss your chance to hear some poetry that'll rock your world.

Just a reminder: Plan your route with the road construction in mind. See an earlier posting in this listing for route options.

We hope you're pacing yourself because there's a lot going. Poetry and memoir and photography and singing cowboys and more! Today's authors are:

  • Miranda Paul & Isatou Ceesay
  • Nickolas Butler
  • B.J. Hollars
  • Will Schwalbe
  • Julie Buckles
  • Sarah Gilbert
  • Douglas Beye Lorie
  • Kevin Miyazaki & Travis Dewitz
  • Jericho Brown and
  • Cowboy Poet Doc Mehl

Cowboy Poet Doc Mehl will be performing at the OuterEdge for this year's fundraiser event. Tickets are $20 and available at the door for the 7:30 show.

For schedule details, see our Friday Schedule Page.

If you like reading graphic novels or comics, if you've always wanted to try making your own digital comics, if you want to hear those-in-the-know talk about comics, then you'd better stop by the Mini Comic-Con at the Appleton Public Library Saturday, April 25.

Highlights include:

  • 1:30 — author John Jackson Miller will talk about creating new adventures in the Star Trek and Star Wars series
  • 3:00 — Zach Wilson, owner of Power House Comics will give a brief history of comics
  • 3:45 — Brian Defferding will speak about the eras of self-publishing in the comics world

In addition, at 3:30 the library's Digital Media Lab will be available for you to work on your own digital comics.

There will also be prizes, prizes, prizes!

Cosplay dress — of course — is welcome.

Hope your schedule is free because there are a lot of wonderful authors in town. Who's here today?

  • Nickolas Butler
  • B.J. Hollars
  • Lynne Finch
  • Cynthia Marie Hoffman
  • Kathy Stewart
  • Crystal Chan
  • Jacqueline West
  • Victor Schueller
  • Steve Hazell and
  • Steven Brust

If you like poetry or fiction or nonfiction, or if you're interested in fantasy or finance or folk musicians, or if you want to see an author who's from Wisconsin or one who's not from Wisconsin—then this is the day for you!

Check out the Schedule Page for more information.

Chris and Kristen Bergstrom are this year’s Fox Cities Book Festival Honorary Chairs. Kristen Bergstrom recently spoke to a festival committee member, giving some insights into her family’s involvement with the event. To read highlights from this conversation, visit the About Us Page.

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Big thanks go to Atlas Coffee Mill for hosting monthly meetings for the Fox Cities Book Festival Board! We appreciate your support of the Festival and just can't thank you enough for providing a welcoming meeting space for us to plan and dream.