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This year the Fox Cities Book Festival Poetry Day will take place April 25, 2015, at the Atlas Coffee Mill in Appleton.

The day will feature award-winning poet Jericho Brown, Wisconsin's new Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser, and, from Poets Among Us, three of the finest poets in the area: Cathryn Cofell, Bill Gillard, and Megan Gannon.

Jericho Brown won the American Book Award for his first collection Please. His recently published second collection The New Testament has been called an "encounter [with] devastating genius." Will hearing Jericho Brown read poetry change your life? Undoubtedly.

Kimberly Blaeser makes her first appearance in Appleton as Wisconsin Poet Laureate, a leadership position she is ready to take on. She explains, "Those who love poetry — but especially those who read or pen poetry in private — need permission and encouragement to be the shining poetry nerds they may long to be! I am excited to suit up and become our state's 'muse' for the next two years."

Cathryn Cofell is an unflagging advocate for the arts in addition to being a successful poet. Sister Satellite, her first collection, was described by Oliver de la Paz as shimmering "in amplitudes of love ... the poems in this collection dazzle and hum."

Bill Gillard's recent collection Ode to Sandra Hook has been called haunting and moving. Reviewer David Daniel wrote that Gillard takes readers through a "landscape of loss with great elegance, tenderness, and wit, and we end up, at the end of the dreamlike road, astonished by its great, if painful, beauty."

Poet and novelist Megan Gannon's latest collection is entitled White Nightgown: Poems. The collection is marked by a breadth of subjects that she uses to examine how desire is both a creative and a destructive force.

So mark your calendars for Poetry Day, put on your beret, and get ready to hear poems that'll knock your socks off!

Readers with a taste for thrillers will have the chance to meet several mystery and suspense authors at this year's Fox Cities Book Festival. These authors, whose works entice their fans with danger, include April Henry, Mary Kubica, and Patricia Skalka.

If you haven't checked out their mysteries yet, now is the time to get reading! A word of warning, though: You might not want to do your reading late at night, when you're in the house alone, there's a storm raging outside, and the lights are flickering on and off.

However, if you want to learn more about the authors, simply visit their Author Pages any time:

The Mill: a Place for Writers is accepting submissions for its annual literary contests in poetry and short fiction. Entries must be received no later than March 22, 2015. A few points to note:

  • Email submissions as attachments only
  • All work must be original and unpublished
  • Full guidelines, prize information, and submission addresses are available on the Mill: a Place for Writers Facebook page.

Winners will be announced at the Fox Cities Book Festival's Mill Literary Awards event.

So dust off your keyboards, flex your fingers, and get writing!

Good luck to everyone!

Get ready for good times Fox Cities residents! Best-selling author and entertainer Lorna Landvik is coming to this year's Fox Cities Book Festival. Landvik is the author of 10 novels that are noted for their quirky characters and appealing stories.

Her most recent book, Best to Laugh, draws on her own experiences as a young stand-up comic living in Hollywood in an apartment complex that has seen better days—but there are no better neighbors then the ones here. The book has been called "cheerfully outlandish," "funny and tender," and a "celebration of character, desire [and] friendship."

So if you're looking for a good read, it's best to check out Best to Laugh.

For more information on Lorna Landvik, visit her Author's Page.

The Fox Cities Book Festival is proud to announce that our wide range of authors and topics continues with the addition of Miranda Paul and Isatou Ceesay to the April event.  Paul, a native of Green Bay, is a prolific children’s and young adult author. Isatou Ceesay, from the Gambia in Africa, is an award-winning environmental activist and the subject of Paul’s new book One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia.

In this children’s book, Paul tells an inspiring and engaging story while deftly handling the complex topics of pollution control and economic empowerment.

Paul and Ceesay will be appearing together at the festival to discuss the book and their experiences. We hope that residents of the Fox Cities will enjoy hearing from women who live half a world apart but unite in the goal of improving our environments.

For more information about them, visit the Miranda Paul and Isatou Ceesay Author Pages.

What could be better than a Wisconsinite talking about ghosts in Wisconsin? Chad Lewis, co-author of Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations, is scheduled for an appearance at this year's book festival.

Lewis is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a place with its own haunting history. He has bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology and is dedicated to researching strange phenomena. His search for answers has taken him on the quest for El Chupacabra, Bigfoot, and the Wendigo, just to name a few.

For his talk in April, Lewis will focus on connections to the paranormal in our area as well as other sites across the state. He explains, "Although I will feature a lot of Fox Cities locations, this presentation takes the audience on a ghostly journey to some of the most haunted places in Wisconsin."

Visit the Author's Page to learn more about Chad Lewis.

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