To prepare for the Fox Cities Book Festival this October, each of the six participating public libraries put the events they host out to every social media outlet and website you can imagine. We are excited and want you to be too!

You may have noticed the pictures for the events are author book covers. As the librarian hosting authors for Fox Cities Book Festival events, I uploaded their book covers and events details. About a week later, my supervisor called me and asked why he had received some complaints about nudity on our website.

At first I was stumped. Were we hacked or something? As my internal Nancy Drew was on the case, I asked my boss to describe the image a bit more in detail. What I heard made me realize I had seen it before.

The cover of author PJ Fiala’s novel Moving to Love is linked to her event for the Fox Cities Book Festival. The cover, like all of her romantic novels, shows a man and woman with bare chest and midriff rocking some tight denim pants.

Here’s the cover that caused the controversy. While I may have caused eyebrows to rise, I feel this is what the Fox Cities Book Festival is about. It gives us a chance to expand our minds and expose—no pun intended—us to new and exciting things. It is awesome how multiple libraries and venues bind together to get a variety of authors and events for the community to enjoy for free.

There really is something for everyone—whether you’re interested in hearing more about Wisconsin, mysteries, poetry, the writing process, or steamy romances, we have you covered… which is more than I can say for some of PJ’s characters.

Come meet P.J. Fiala at the Fox Cities Book Festival 2018. On October 10, she’ll be at the Gerard H. Van Hoof Memorial Library in Little Chute at 6:30 pm to talk about “Plotting Your Romance.” On October 12, see here in Kaukauana at the public library at 4 pm to hear about “Marketing Strategies.