2019 Fox Cities Book Festival: October 7th - October 13th

2015 Fox Cities Book Festival

The 2015 Book Festival has come to a close. We hope you were able to attend an author event or two or three and that you enjoyed yourself.

The Committee extends its thanks to all the people who make this enormous undertaking possible—especially the volunteers, the sponsors, the venues, and the authors themselves.

We thank the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region and the Neuroscience Group for their continued and substantial financial support of the festival.

Our many other sponsors as well as individual donors can and do make a difference to the festival, ensuring its presence in our community.

Finally, we would like to recognize Ellen Kort, who had the vision, and the determination, to create a book festival in the Fox Cities area. Ellen passed away during this year’s festival, but her celebration of words and of community continues on.

Until next time, keep on reading and writing and sharing….

2015 Authors

  • Sara Laux Akin
  • Jerry Apps
  • Bill Berry
  • Kimberly Blaeser
  • Jericho Brown
  • Steven Brust
  • Julie Buckles
  • Nickolas Butler
  • Isatou Ceesay
  • Crystal Chan
  • Brett Christopherson
  • Cathryn Cofell
  • Shana Conradt
  • Philip Dawkins
  • Brian Defferding
  • Travis Dewitz
  • Susan Dolan
  • Kathleen Ernst
  • Tere Duperrault Fassbender
  • John Ferak
  • Megan Gannon
  • Jessie Garcia
  • Ann Garvin
  • Sarah Gilbert
  • Bill Gillard
  • Susan Gloss
  • A.T. Haessly
  • Rachael Hanel
  • Steve Hazell
  • April Henry
  • Mike Hoeft
  • Cynthia Marie Hoffman
  • B.J. Hollars
  • Karla Huston
  • Harvey J. Kaye
  • Lisa Klarner
  • Christina Baker Kline
  • Mary Kubica
  • Dale Kushner
  • Lorna Landvik
  • Dale Laurin
  • Michael Leannah
  • Chad Lewis
  • Richard Logan
  • Douglas Beye Lorie
  • Julie Mata
  • Mike McCabe
  • Wendy McClure
  • Al “Doc” Mehl
  • June Melby
  • John Jackson Miller
  • Kevin Miyazaki
  • Linda Sue Park
  • Miranda Paul
  • Vivian Probst
  • Monica Rico
  • Zohra Sarwari
  • Gavin Schmitt
  • Kay Scholtz
  • Victor Schueller
  • Will Schwalbe
  • Patricia Skalka
  • Raen Smith
  • Kathy Stewart
  • Claudia Turner
  • Jacqueline West
  • Zach Wilson
  • Jeff Yeager