2019 Fox Cities Book Festival: October 7th - October 13th

Carlos Nieto III


Carlos Nieto III was born and raised in Silverlake, California. He began drawing at an early age, designing his own version of cartoons he saw on TV. In high school, he was greatly inspired by works form artists such as: M. C. Escher, Alphonse Mucha, Carravagio, Kathe Kollowitz and Michelangelo. He then began creating work for his art portfolio. In College, he took mostly art classes and eventually found his way into submitting his portfolio to Film Roman and was hired. Carlos worked on The Simpsons as a layout artist for three years and then found a position at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as an artist in residence where he has worked for 15 years.
During this time he began to develop several ideas for graphic novels. He also began teaching art programs in various Glendale, California libraries at the request of a librarian friend and 15 years later, Carlos now travels the country throughout the year presenting his art programs at libraries and schools for kids, teens, and adults.
Carlos is currently developing his debut graphic novel L.A. Calavera about a young Latina Superhero in Echo Park California.