Fox Cities Book Festival 2018: October 8th - October 14th

Kavon Cortez-Jones


Kavon Cortez-Jones is a Milwaukee homegrown writer, storyteller, biker, and actor. Cortez-Jones leads bike rides, with local muralist, Ammar Nsoroma and the Red Bike & Green's Milwaukee Chapter. He performs in Quasimondo Theatre's avant-garde productions, and visits schools city-wide to facilitate poetry workshops. Cortez-Jones self-published his debut poetry book, 'Club Noir', September 26th, 2016, his 22nd birthday. The young scribe sold over six hundred copies since with no book release party or bookstore purchases. Instead, he met with friends and colleagues in coffee shops, Fuel Cafe, Rochambo for a fulfilling in-person exchange. He's twenty-three-years-old now, in transition out of his 'Club Noir' writing phase to 'the Essence Of Cool' era. The Essence Of Cool will be the title of second full-length poetry book to be released, September 26th, 2020, his golden birthday. The next couple years for Kavon Cortez-Jones will be centered around 'Carpe Diem,' being more fearless, simply a celebration of life.

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