2019 Fox Cities Book Festival: October 7th - October 13th

PJ Fiala


PJ Fiala has toyed with many careers in her life, looking for that perfect fit. Finally, when her love for writing took root, a match was made. An avid biker, she plots most of her stories while riding and enjoying new adventures with her husband. Creating stories filled with steamy passion and suspense, and always ending with a happily ever after, 'cause who doesn’t love that?

PJ Fiala was born in Bridgeton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. During her time in Missouri, she explored the Ozarks, swam in the Mississippi River, played kickball and endless games of hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids. Spending summers in Kentucky with her grandmother, Ruth, are among her fondest childhood memories. When she was thirteen, her family moved to Wisconsin to learn to farm. Yes, learn to farm! Taking city kids and throwing them on a farm, with twenty-eight cows purchased from the Humane Society because they had been abused, was interesting, to say the least.

She is married with four children and four grandchildren. She has learned to love Wisconsin, though still hates snow. She and her husband travel around by motorcycle seeing new places and meeting new people. It never ceases to amaze her how many people are interested in where they're going and what they've seen along the way. She comes from a family of veterans. Her grandfather, father, brother, two sons, and one daughter-in-law are all veterans. Needless to say, she is proud to be an American and proud of the service her amazing family has given.