Questions for Presenters

Are you currently booking authors for the festival?

The Fox Cities Book Festival is accepting submissions for the 2021 festival, held October 13th -17th, from now until March 1. After March 1, submissions will be kept on file for the following year, but are not guaranteed to be viewed for part of the current year selection process. Please be aware that submission does not guarantee acceptance into the festival, which is by invitation only. If you are selected a member of the Events Committee will reach out to you directly. The Fox Cities Book Festival does not have an author booth event, so submission is for authors intending on presenting during the Festival.

What types of books are considered?

  • Fiction (all ages)
  • Nonfiction (all ages)
  • Poetry (no chapbooks)

What types of books are not considered?

The Fox Cities Book Festival will not accept self-published works that are not bound or cannot be available from large scale book sellers.  Self-published titles are evaluated on a case by case basis.

What do I need to know about submitting to participate in the Book Festival?

  • Meeting the criteria for consideration does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the Festival.
  • Books submitted for consideration to the Festival will not be returned and authors will not receive feedback or critique of the work.
  • We do not notify authors who are not selected; however your submission will remain in our list of potential authors, which is maintained from year to year.

What happens when an author is selected?

  • A member of the authors committee will reach out to you about six months prior to the Festival.
  • A date and time for presentations will be set at one or multiple venues.
  • Authors will receive an introductory packet which includes a contract and specific requirements to return.

Author Sign Up

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