Former Fox Cities Book Festival President Aubrey Laux has moved out of the area to pursue a new opportunity. Holly Selwitschka, director of the Kimberly Public Library, has taken over as the new president.

Aubrey and Holly share a farewell and a hello, respectively. We thank them both for their service!

Aubrey Laux

Dear readers, 

I have never been good at goodbyes. They’re awkward and sad and sweet and, really, just a plethora of emotions. 

But now I am saying one to you. 

I am grateful for the last handful of years with the Fox Cities Book Festival. The festival is truly one of a kind. I cannot even begin to recap all that I have learned with this organization. So, thank you. Thank you for trusting me with the opportunity to be your president. It’s been an honor. 

I am ecstatic for what will come next, as this group is always growing and evolving. (Insert a shameless plug to donate or join the board to help this process!) The Fox Cities Book Festival encourages all who work within or attend the events to be their best person. I truly believe that the festival challenges us to, literally and figuratively, create our best story. 

I like to think that I am rising to that challenge, as just like the organization, I have grown and changed, and am now starting the next chapter in my own story. Turning the page is a unique experience, and I am intrigued to see where my journey will take me. (Don’t worry, it will still be full of books and writing!) 

Regarding the Fox Cities Book Festival’s new chapter, I feel honored to introduce you to the new Fox Cities Book Festival President, Holly Selwitschka. I have had the pleasure of working with Holly on multiple committees. Holly is hard-working, kind, smart and so much more. I cannot wait for you to get to know her. 

On that note, I am passing this over to Holly. 

Here’s to our new chapters!


-Aubrey Laux, former Fox Cities Book Festival President

Holly Selwitschka

To you, Aubrey, and all the book lovers and author enthusiasts in the Fox Valley, thank you for the warm welcome! I’ve hovered on the threshold of the Fox Cities Book Festival for a long time.  Fifteen years ago, when Ellen Kort encouraged the festival to take hold, I helped with book sales for the various events with Apple Blossom Books, formerly of Oshkosh. It was an amazing experience to engage with people who love to write and manage to make a living from it. 

Between then and now, I’ve worked on the outskirts of the geographic reach of the Valley, but have helped to promote the festival through my work as a librarian. Now, I feel privileged to be included as one of the masterminds behind the scenes. I’ll do my best to carry on the festival’s tradition of excellence and am looking forward to the work ahead. 

Holly Selwitschka, FCBF President 2022