What time of day do you tend to get out of bed on the weekend?

  1. 5-6 AM
  2. 7-9 AM
  3. 10AM or later

What Color Scheme Do You Enjoy Most?

  1. Whites and Neutrals
  2. Bright and Bold Colors
  3. Deep and Rich Colors

What TV Show did You Binge the Quickest?

  1. Greys Anatomy
  2. Bridgerton
  3. Criminal Minds

What’s Your Ideal Saturday Night?

  1. Going out with friends
  2. Board games and wine
  3. Nice dinner and an early night in bed

What Item Could You Not Live Without?

  1. My journal
  2. My book collection…duh!
  3. My computer

Your Friends Would Describe You As…

  1. Hardworking
  2. Passionate
  3. Creative

What’s Your Favorite Drink?

  1. Tea
  2. A glass of wine
  3. Soda

What’s Your Ideal Vacation Spot?

  1. Somewhere relaxing like Hawaii
  2. Somewhere unique like Italy
  3. Somewhere thrilling like Disney

What Outdoor Activity Would You Enjoy The Most?

  1. Skiing
  2. Picnicking
  3. Hiking

Mostly As: Non-Fiction

You’re a go getter who likes to feel productive. You fill your day from start to finish and enjoy the little moments of relaxation. Non-fiction is the genre for you!

Mostly Bs: Romance

You’re a hopeless romantic! You wear your heart on your sleeve and love the thrill of the chase. Your next read should be a romance novel.

Mostly Cs: Horror/Thriller

You love to get your adrenaline pumping. From ghosts, ghouls, goblins or even murder, it’s time to get your spook on with a horror/thriller novel.