2019 Fox Cities Book Festival: October 7th - October 13th

Festival Fridays – Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th - the infamous date that comes but three times a year and accelerates the pulse of many a book-lover’s psyche. Add to it a full harvest moon, and the iconic, macabre day is primed to inspire the horror-flic loving teen, the thrill-seeking

Wisconsin Wednesdays – Festival of Poetry

The Fox Cities Book Festival features authors from scores of genres, crafts, and writing styles. Poetry has always been a festival-goer favorite and this year promises to not disappoint. Fox Cities Book Festival has lined up eight poets–six of whom have roots in Wisconsin–to discuss

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Festival Fridays – Avi

“Writers don’t write writing. They write reading.” - Sage writing advice from Avi, in a 2013 interview for his official website. In addition to visiting and speaking at six area school districts during the week of the Fox Cities Book Festival, award-winning children’s author, Avi,

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Wisconsin Wednesdays – Stacey Abrams

#WisconsinWednesdays Stacey Yvonne Abrams was born December 9, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin. She grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi, with her five siblings. She eventually moved with her family to Atlanta Georgia where she would one day become the first black woman nominated as a gubernatorial

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